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Griegstrasse 17 - 22763 Hamburg
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Hello, my name is Kathy Lemburg, born in 1976, married. In the following you find a brief outline of my professional career.

As a state-certified physiotherapist and natural health professional ("Heilpraktiker" in German) I can look back on 15 years of professional experience. In 2007 I finished my studies of osteopathy at the German School of Osteopathy (OSD - Osteopathie Schule Deutschland) and since then have continued to obtain additional training and qualifications. Among others, I have completed courses on "Visceral Osteopathy" and "Fascial Distortion Model" ( Currently I'm taking classes at the College Sutherland.

In my formation as a Brügger-therapist I have specialized in the fields of "Medical Training Therapy", "Therapeutic Walking" and "Back Training School".

I am a member of the Association of Osteopaths in Germany (VOD - Verband der Osteopathen Deutschlands e.V.).

Private aspects
In addition to my professional qualifications I have personally experienced health-related problems, on the basis of which I can often provide further individual advice to my patients.